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Stay warm with a classic


It’s cold right now in most parts of the country, and even colder where Jonas dropped feet of snow that we’re all digging out of. What better to enjoy after a day of shoveling snow than a hot toddy? Grab your favorite bourbon or whiskey (Dragon, of course, but that’s about a month away) and settle down to warm up.



Snowzilla 2016

Well, we’ve dug out. I know that we down here in North Carolina didn’t get the snow that the Northeast got, but ya’ll are used to it! Anything over 3″ here and we freak the fuck out. Gas stations are full of cars waiting to fill their tanks, grocery stores are packed with people buying milk and bread…

This is for you Jackie

Where I work from in the Asheville area, we got anywhere from 12-16″ of the white stuff and that is paralyzing to our community. Our schools are still closed! In Charlotte, where the distillery is, we got more sleet and ice, and a few inches of snow. So people were trapped in their houses down here in the South for a couple of days, eating nothing but bread and milk apparently…but what if they were on a diet?

Are they starving to death?

Anyway, we’re dug out, work will resume this week, and hopefully the final inspection will be done soon. It always seems like the last little bit to be done takes FOREVER! Stay tuned!

Moving forward!


It’s been a long road for us, getting to the final stages of our retrofit. We’ve encountered contractors that brings to mind the movie, The Money Pit (“Two weeks!”) and problems that every renovation project comes across (“Yeah, we encountered a problem, and it’s gonna cost another x-amount of dollars”) but the finish line is in sight! The electric should be complete in the early half of the this week, and hopefully (fingers crossed!) the electrical and final inspection completed by the end of this week. Thanks to all of you who have hung in there with us! We should have big news coming soon!

Naughty apple juice


When we were kids, who didn’t love apple juice, especially on a hot summer day? As we got older, and found out that apples could be the vehicle for a much more satisfying grown-up beverage, we rejoiced in an adult, dignified way…or not, depends on who you are. That’s why we here at Dragon Moonshine thought it would be exciting to create an Apple Pie moonshine to outshine all the rest. With a flavor that just screams homemade apple pie, our artisan moonshine will have you smiling, and maybe running through the sprinklers.

Baby, it’s cold outside…


Winter finally reared its head here in North Carolina (we even had some snow flurries!) and what could get you warmer than a fire and some Dragon Moonshine? Well….yeah, there is another but we’ll keep it clean.

I’m sure you’re saying, Where can I get some Dragon Moonshine to enjoy by the fire? Nowhere…yet. We’re moving right along though, and should be in your local ABC long before winter leaves and spring comes in, so there will be plenty of time to snuggle up by the fire with Dragon and a book…or a friend.

Progress Continues

We were working hard in the shop yesterday to get us closer to our final inspection and certificate of occupancy from the county. Fingers crossed, we’ll be ready ┬áby mid-January for the final inspection. Once we get the final “ok” from the county, then we apply for our ABC permit. It’s a laborious process, but with perseverance and alcohol, we’ll get there! Happy Monday!

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Expectations Vs. Reality


It’s New Years Eve and people everywhere are getting ready for the gym in the new year. Or getting ready to eat better. Or stop drinking, smoking, gambling, etc. Good for you who will accomplish those goals! For the rest of us, expectation and reality are two different things…


We try every year to resolve bad habits, but the fact of the matter is, most people fail. That’s ok. Without failure, there is no growth. There’s also no alcohol industry, which we think is bad. It might be the year of the monkey in Chinese astrology, but we think it’s going to be the Year of the Dragon! Here’s to 2016, and all the good and bad that it may bring!

New Years 2016


We at Dragon Moonshine love alcohol, as we should since we make it, but we know the effects it can cause. This New Years Eve, please drink responsibly when you’re having your excellent time ringing out the old year and ushering in the new! Always have a DD, or the phone number for a cab or UBER, so that you can get home safely and enjoy 2016. Happy New Year everyone, be safe!

Construction Update!

Things are moving along at the shop with our retrofit! Although our contractor has been saying “Two weeks!” every time we ask how much longer till it’s done (since, like, November), progress is evident and we’re getting very excited. Realistically, we should be filing for our final Certificate of Occupancy by mid-January at the latest. It’s been a long road, but the journey is wrapping up and Dragon will be coming soon to an ABC near you!

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